Approval of Modification 4 for the Hera Mine

06 October 2016

Underground mining operations at the Hera Mine near Nymagee, NSW will continue within an enlarged mining area with the recent approval of Modification 4. The approval of an extension to the limit of extraction will also include development of an exploration decline for further exploration of the deposit. RWC has provided environmental management advice for the Hera Project since exploration of the deposit commenced in 2005 and has continued to assist through preparation of the original

Environmental Assessment for the mine in 2011, the Modification 3 Environmental Assessment and most recently through assistance provided to Aurelia Metals Pty Ltd during preparation of the Environmental Assessment for Modification 4. RWC congratulates the management team at Aurelia Metals and looks forward to continuing our association with the Company and assisting in the preparation of the Mining Operations Plan and other environmental documentation required following the recent approval.
Source: Aurelia Metals